What follows is post from “Keeping Life Honest and Truthful”, a blog by my Executive Producer Larry Kutzler, President of City Site Urban Media

The  critical point of his well stated case is this:  We all come to life with a bias, that is, we LEAN a certain way that is unique to us.  Even this post and Larry’s post have a bias.  The question isn’t that we have bias.  We all “see in part, and know in part”, through a dim glass, observing the world through our limited capabilities.  This is why Paul wrote       ” Test everything, keep what is Good.”  So the question is: what or whom do you lean towards?

A Christian Bias  in the marketplace is toward the Good.  That includes profit, as an outcome of work done well, NOT as the goal itself. It includes work that is “mutually beneficial” (golden rule and second great commandment.)  It is a bias (leaning) towards God, and the Bible and the use of the Canon in decision-making.  This is why Larry’s main point at the bottom is so important.  –  Peace, Jeff

The Dark Side of Media, Even The Good Guys- by Larry Kutzler

The media has come under fire again for the way it handled the GOP debates last week.  This time its conservative FOX media that is being questioned. Here are several conservative talk radio opinions.

Steve Deace Said Fox News Was Self-Promoting, Favored Bush, And Ignored Cruz. On his Aug. 7 show, Steve Deace criticized Fox News for giving the three moderators of its Aug. 6 Republican debate – Bret Baier, Chris Wallace, and Megyn Kelley – too much camera time and for paying too much attention to establishment candidates like former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush at the expense of lower-profile candidates like Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson.

Oh, by the way, it’s not a debate; it’s sort of a joint press conference. It was the inquisition on the part of the Fox News people, finding the most hookish questions with which to bludgeon the candidates upside the head. Sometimes it worked to our benefit, sometimes not so much. [The Jan Mickelson Show, 8/7/15]

Radio host Mark Levin complained that Fox sifted through 185 shows and 14 seasons of Trump’s Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice to come up with “a line that they had to take out of context about some lady on her knees. He didn’t tell her to get on her knees; they brought it up to him. He responded to it, but not in a sexual context.”

The conservative author expressed sincere disgust with Megyn Kelly for pointing to that incident as an example of misogyny. Levin said that Kelly was a “lawyer, she was law review, and she should know better.” He admitted that he blames Fox News management more than Kelly for the outrageous question. He said Fox turned the gathering into a “National Enquirer Debate, and not a Republican Debate.”

Don’t kid yourself, whether it is Fox, CBS, NBC, ABC, they all have their bias, and it comes from those up the chain of command.  The on air personalities drive that bias, but the news is tainted with executive privilege. Again, I am using Fox today, because most conservatives trust them.

Former Fox News producer Charlie Reina explained, “The roots of Fox News Channel’s day-to-day on-air bias are actual and direct. They come in the form of an executive memo distributed electronically each morning, addressing what stories will be covered and, often, suggesting how they should be covered. To the newsroom personnel responsible for the channel’s daytime programming, The Memo is the Bible. If, on any given day, you notice that the Fox anchors seem to be trying to drive a particular point home, you can bet The Memo is behind it.”

And just for the record, the owner of Fox news Rupert Murdock is not as much on the right side as one may think.

The Financial Times reported that Murdoch would be hosting a fund-raiser for Senator Hillary Clinton‘s (D-New York) Senate re-election campaign. In a 2008 interview with Walt Mossberg, Murdoch was asked whether he had “anything to do with the New York Posts endorsement of Barack Obama in the democratic primaries.” Without hesitating, Murdoch replied, “Yeah. He is a rock star. It’s fantastic. I love what he is saying about education. I don’t think he will win Florida… but he will win in Ohio and the election. I am anxious to meet him. I want to see if he will walk the walk.

I think the criticism of Megyn Kelly is somewhat justified.  She went after Donald Trump with some gut wrenching questions, but later in her interview with the chair of the Democratic National Committee, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, she was a kinder, milder Megyn Kelly.  No gut wrenching questions in her interview with Schultz. To me this demonstrated her bias in her questioning.

What I am pointing out is that media is a business, a for profit communication business that finds it’s niche in the public and sells a product. I pointed out the criticism of the GOP debates on Fox News, because it shows that there is bias in their reporting too. So no matter what news source you listen to, there is a bias based upon who owns the outlet.

This is why I say all media is bias, and it might be that conservative media are selling the news to a conservative audience only to win approval in order to widen their margins in profits.  In other words, their product is only a means to increase profits.

I am convinced that most media outlets are not our friends. There is an agenda that accompanies their perspective on the news. For example, I have an agenda through this blog, and I am not ashamed to tell you what that is.  I want people to become critical thinkers, and not accept all what you hear or see as the truth. I want people to know the news, and then filter that news through the scriptures in order to get at the truth. I have said this before, “there isn’t much difference between a liberal and a conservative standing before God they are both guilty of sin.” Just because some of us like a more conservative view of politics, does not mean that a conservative view is our salvation. I love Glenn Beck, but I know he is Mormon, and that at times can be heard through his media outlet. So does our worldview affect what we write and what we broadcast?  Of course it does, the core beliefs will always filter through whatever we publish.

Jesus said it best in Matthew 15.

18But what comes out of the mouth proceeds from the heart, and this defiles a person.  19For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false witness, slander.  20 These are what defile a person.

I believe the core belief of our news sources is to make money, to affect ratings so at the end of the day the cash register is full and over flowing. I do believe that affects the way we get our news, full of the bias that makes their targeted audiences happy. A happy audience is a happy bottom line.

It is true, we have to get our news from somewhere, but choose several places to verify, so that you can discern the difference between opinion and fact.

Keeping it honest and truthful…K