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Can Good Happen Without God?

by Jeff

   CLICK TO DOWNLOAD THE BEST CHRISTIAN APP The Gospel of Pragmatism ,  Pragmatism is the idea that if something happens it doesn’t really matter how it happened or who did it, as long as it happened.  THAT is what is important. Basically as long the “effect” is achieved, it’s no big deal. I was […]

Friend, Thanks for Listening!!

by Jeff

Hello Friends,  Thanks for listening.!!  Thank you for listening to God’s Work in Progress. We can’t make it without people like you. As a 501c3 non-profit, we’re focused on our core purpose, not making money.  But our growth and sustenance come from the willing donations of those who agree that the MARKETPLACE  is  served best  by […]

What Kind of Colleague are You?

by Jeff

      Often we measure ourselves in the work place by objective metrics. What is my title? Where does that title fit on the hierarchy of the corporate org chart? How many people report to me? Who is my superior, my subordinate, my peer? I’d like to suggest that you consider replacing these standards […]