Free Enterprise

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Can Good Happen Without God?

by Jeff

   CLICK TO DOWNLOAD THE BEST CHRISTIAN APP The Gospel of Pragmatism ,  Pragmatism is the idea that if something happens it doesn’t really matter how it happened or who did it, as long as it happened.  THAT is what is important. Basically as long the “effect” is achieved, it’s no big deal. I was […]

An Interesting Take on Media and Bias

by Jeff

What follows is post from “Keeping Life Honest and Truthful”, a blog by my Executive Producer Larry Kutzler, President of City Site Urban Media The  critical point of his well stated case is this:  We all come to life with a bias, that is, we LEAN a certain way that is unique to us.  Even […]

Another Reason Why Believers in Christ, Need to be Engaged and IMPACTING Culture.

by Jeff

WHY BELIEVERS NEED TO BE ENGAGED . Here at God’s Work in Progress(tm) we care about three primary areas of life: Business, Government and Education. We care because these three social institutions have more direct influence over our society and culture than any others. We seek to provoke,encourage and equip Jesus’ followers in these three […]

“THE S.W.E.A.T. PLEDGE”- How to do Great Work

by Jeff

“THE S.W.E.A.T. PLEDGE”- ( Thanks to Mike Rowe) (Skill & Work Ethic Aren’t Taboo)   1. I believe that I have won the greatest lottery of all time. I am alive. I walk the Earth. I live in America. Above all things, I am grateful.   2. I believe that I am entitled to life, […]

Free Enterprise- It’s Older Than You Think

by Jeff

Our freedom comes from God, and from being created in His image and likeness. The evidence for this is our free thought.  No one, not even God can control your thoughts.  Because we think freely, we have the “right” to express our thoughts with speech and behavior, such as spoken and written words, music, dance, […]

Is Free Enterprise Righteous?

by Jeff

Is Free Enterprise, Righteous? Have you noticed the condescending, maligning way in which the subject of “business” is discussed? Have you noticed that business executives as portrayed in Hollywood movies are almost always, aggressive, unfeeling, evil-minded, scheming, etc…..? Have you ever noticed the negative way people talk about the people who own or operate the […]