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Why We Should Care

Despite all the effort of the ministries, despite all the books being published, the conferences and especially all the content being produced, despite “political correctness” and manufactured “diversity” America continues to decline.   The reason is that Christianity DOES NOT any longer, occupy a Critical Mass in influencing this culture —Secular Humanism and Paganism are now the driving force in the culture. (More facts to support this in a minute.)  Jesus and the Bible have been reduced and marginalized to a “private matter” best expressed at home or at church.  Indeed all faith expression is suffering in this way.  ( The recent Indiana law uproar is an example.  An attempt to preserve religious rights were met with much over emphasized condemnation).
Here are some facts-
A Pew study of religion in America points out that in America 78%  of the adult population in America defines themselves as Christian. (Protestant or Catholic).
The ongoing Gallup Engagement,Study a large demographic study is a landmark study that determines the degree to which the working population is “actively engaged, disengaged, or actively disengaged” in their work-life.  Since Christianity occupies such a large segment of our population,  I suggest we can safely apply Gallup’s study to the Christian “Church”.
According to Gallup in Feb of 2015, overall, 32.9% of the Workforce was “engaged”.  Engaged  Definition:  engagement is the emotional commitment the employee has to the organization and its goals.
Think of your church, with the above definition in mind.
This emotional commitment means engaged people  actually care about their work and their company. They don’t work just for a paycheck, or just for the next promotion, but work on behalf of the organization’s goals. When employees care—when they are engaged—they use discretionary effort.In short they would do it for free.

The remainder of the population’s engagement breaks down like this:  Of the 65% remaining, the “middle” 53% are disengaged (show up, get paid, do home) and 12% of all people are actively disengaged,( seeking to disrupt)  and the   Again think of the Body of Christ.

Of the 78% of the population that is Christian, using Gallup’s findings 35% of THOSE Christians are engaged Christians.
Christians in America- 78% of 330 million     257,400,000-
Engaged Christians- 32.9%                                   84,553,000
Engaged Christians- as % of population                     25.62%
Since 33% is the threshold for influence you can see why and how we are where we are as a culture. I submit to you that our influence in the culture used to be much much higher two generations ago. The trend is that we are becoming LESS Christian. So what IS driving the culture if its not US.  Pluralism– we literally are adrift, being cast back and forth by the many waves of opinion, media, moral relativism.

No one knows the percentage of American Christians who are involved in the faith work movement. I estimate it to be less than 10,000,000 Christians. But assuming this number, those involved in the movement equal about  3.89 % of all Christians and 3% of the overall population.  Not very many. But we make up in enthusiasm what we lack in numbers!

A Faith-Work group in a Fortune 100 company with 30,000 employees, has about 2000 members attending their meeting. This is 6.7% of the workforce. Assuming the 78% Christians in  America there are 23,000 Christians working there.  While the group is large it will not have the impact of transforming the company.  Statistically that would require 9000 members.  Because…….
TO CHANGE A CULTURE,  CRITICAL MASS IS REQUIRED.  Critical mass is when 33% of all the people in a particular group change their view and act accordingly.  When critical mass occurs change BEGINS still a long way to go even then.

So by any measure this movement is in its INFANCY.

I have been saying for years and most in the movement agree that God is using the Faith Work Movement to re-new the culture because THAT’S WHERE THE PEOPLE and OPPORTUNITIES ARE!

Clearly we have the total numbers to do the job, BUT WE ARE SO SMALL and we have an engagement problem!

Changing the Tide

It’s clear to me that the  movement itself needs a VOICE.  A TOWN CRIER.  God’s Work in Progress is called to be that voice because of how God has set it up-

  • CONNECTING CHRISTIANS TO THE MOVEMENT!!!   GWIP is focused on this outcome in our programming and messaging.  (when you share the show  you help advance this.)
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  • We are focused on practical application.
  • We pay attention to Pastors- we need the institutional church!
  • Our goal is to link people to the movement, and empower people in the movement.-  Our shows feature great EXAMPLES of people who are experts and who demonstrate GREAT WORK WITH GREAT FAITH. Last week’s show is a GREAT EXAMPLE

Our Strategy – To broadcast on the best radio station (for us) in each of the TOP 50 markets in the US.  By doing this we can reach 150 million potential listeners while keeping our “foot-print” relatively easy to manage.   And to be integrated EVERY viable social medium, and pod-casting service available (most are free).
We want to be the voice OF the movement not FOR the movement.  It is a servant goal.

Will you help us to execute our strategy? 

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