How I Handled an Emotionally Abusive Boss– IN THE MARINES

Dennis Blandino   Pardon the personal example, but it’s the only one I have…30 year’s ago, I was a ‘Gung Ho’ Marine, and I got radically born-again. So I was fired-up in a new way; still a professional soldier but with a new purpose. Well one of my NCO superiors, started going out of his way to harass me at every turn. I gave him no reason to dislike me. He wasn’t even directly in charge of me. All I could figure was that he didn’t like how I started telling others in the platoon about God’s plan of salvation through Jesus. I couldn’t do anything at all about the harassment. If he came over and said, “Drop, and give me 20!” as he would, I had to do it. So I would just take it and pray. But more of my prayers were for him (not me). Then, after about two weeks, the words came to me. I spoke w/o really even thinking. They stopped this guy cold. He never gave me any trouble again, and I still saw him regularly. What I said was, “Do you even fear God?” Looking back, the effect was like God struck fear in his heart. True story.


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