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The Moral Center of America is a person, and God, and His Name is Jesus Christ.

America has been drifting away from Him for over 50 years.
To restore the “center” we need to BE the answer. We touch tens to hundreds of people every day in our work and “as we go”.  God’s Work in Program, radio show, this web site, our core purpose training, our career training, our webinars and then books and training we create, are focused on helping Christians deliver THE game changer.
The key to restoring the moral center and redeeming the broken world is to do:

“Great Work with Great Faith”

Let’s restore the CENTER

Ways you can make a difference

Immediate needs-

___$1000—————provides one month of show production

___$1000—————provides one month of “air time” on the Faith Radio Network

___$5,000————–enables production/software of Life’s Core Purpose webinar

___$750/month—– monthly Business Partner on the Faith Radio Network

___$10000————-can publish Jeff’s book “Great Work with Great Faith- Restoring the Moral Center of America”

___$100/month——individual partnership

___$50/month——–individual partnership­­

___$25/month——–individual partnership

___ $ other one time gift _____________________________

Please make checks payable to “God’s Work in Progress.”