Business, Government and Education

These three have the biggest impact on our society  and our world. (I include media with business). THESE THREE are focus of our programming on GWIP. We want to empower Christians in these three venues of life to do GREAT WORK with GREAT FAITH.

I subscribe to Christianity Today. In the September issue there is an article by a surprised “moderate” Christian.  Tish Harrison Warren led an Inter Varsity Fellowship group for PhD grad students at Vanderbilt University.  Last year the great minds at Vanderbilt decided that there were not going accept discrimination especially discrimination that is motivated by faith or creed.

I want you to please read Tish’s own account of this from her blog then read the article she wrote for CT.   “The Wrong Kind of Christian” .  After you’ve read it please come back here and comment.

I would love to read your thoughts-  Here is the article