Government and Business

An Unholy “Alliance”?

I’m protecting the person and business identity deliberately at the owners request.  She is very concerned about potential consequences from local government or the press if she were ever identified.    This story is about a small business relocation.

Mary is a devout Christian who walks-out her faith in her business life.  About ten years ago she took over her business when  her husband died unexpectedly. About three months ago she purchased a new location for her metal fabrication business. She took the business to a new town. The location had been a metal shop prior to her purchasing it.  In this location she purchased the land also, where at her previous location she had been renting.  She purchased the land because she wanted to leave the business to her two main metal-workers both of whom she hired straight ou of prison, each having been separately convicted on a felony and served 10 years. But this is just how Mary is.

When Mary purchased the building and land she got more space and some built-in equipment ( a nice hoist), to move large equipment. The previous owners were “from the old country” and had a particularly messy approach to maintaining their building and grounds.

She met with local “planning board” of the town she moved her business to. They gave her a long list of conditions and requirements which she exceeded. They then approved her business plan.  She executed all of her required and self imposed measures in preparing her business to open.  She not only organized the place, she junked the junk that was lying around, and painted it inside and out. Her new sign was really nice and could be seen from the highway on the frontage road location.

After she opened the business she thrived because her prices are reasonable, her business’ work is excellent and her customers are loyal.

One day she had a visit by a member of the planning board.  He stopped by just to say hi.  During the visit as he was leaving, he made it a point to say to her that he was looking forward to “consideration” (getting a “good price”) when he brought some metal work he needed done for his home because the Planning Commission had approved the purchase.  Mary, realizing what was really going on, told him that she had  already had the best prices and quality around and that he was welcome to bring his work to her shop any time.

A short time later. Mary got a letter in the mail from the city council, with a Google Earth photo of her property.  Her land boundaries were carefully outlined in red with a note saying that she must make sure that her storage on her land must not encroach the surrounding public city owned land, and that if she damaged the natural growth around the property with debris or junk, her business would be fined, and that “they would be watching her.”  A cursory look at the photo reveals parched sandy dry ground extending beyond her property line.  So any foreseen DAMAGE is really not discernible. But that is not the point, she has no goal other to love her “neighbor” and “keep” (steward) the land.  Her business has only been open for two months. Pretty subtle messaging here don’t you think?

I’m not saying that this is indicative of all government officials but it is an example of a growing attitude concerning how government and business relate to one another.  It is becoming adversarial, more “political” and legalistic.

Is this what government should be?

What of the businesses that act in ways that give those in government the idea that “business” can’t be trusted?

And what about the view of profit as an evil that must be taxed heavily to “balance” things out?

And what about the greed that drives ALL of this behavior?

God’s Work in Progress is designed and intent upon awakening the CHURCH of Jesus, His Body, to the idea that ITS great work with great faith, performed  everyday  in Business, Government and Education, will be the transforming force to RENEW the “world” to SAVE it as Jesus said He came to do, not condemn it.

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