John Paul Jackson passed today.

In 1992, at a Vineyard prophetic conference in St Paul, John Paul Jackson preached with John McClure. After his talk he made himself available to anyone to potentially receive a prophetic word from the Lord from Him. (He has always been gifted prophetically.)
A line formed, which I joined. It was “backstage” , private, one-on-one, about 6 feet separating John Paul and the person who was next. He ministered for over an hour, outside the spot-light. When I was “next” I could hear him talking to the person he was with. His approach was to ask the person what they wanted prayer for, and then he would listen for a moment and say what the Lord spoke to him. As I said I was next. The person ahead of spoke their request or need. John Paul listened, then said, “I’m not hearing anything specific for you, but please let me pray a blessing over you.” I was very impressed with this. He could have easily “thrown together” a nice “prophecy” that would have made that person happy or encouraged. But he valued credibility. And resisted temptation

He then prayed a general blessing. The person left. I approached John Paul and he shook my hand. I told him I was struggling with how to live out what I sensed was a call from God to minister in the marketplace. John Paul listened then said, “ Here is what God is telling you. God wants you to have the same passion for excellence in your work, that you have for Him. “

The same passion for excellence I have for Him, also in my work? Hmmm.

This phrase became “integrating excellence in faith and work”…. And today, it is a radio ministry, where we help people “do great work with great faith”.

Thank you John Paul Jackson.