The Foundation for Excellence in Faith and Work is the organization behind “God’s Work in Progress” ™ .

But “God’s Work in Progress”(tm) with Jeff Pelletier is much more than a radio program– It is the voice FOR faith and excellence in the marketplace.

Here is what we want to achieve:

—Purpose – To equip people to do “great work with great faith”(tm).

—Mission –To help you to work more effectively and more joyfully.

—Vision – Create God’s marketplace where Christ is the recognized Head and God’s Kingdom principles make work more productive, joyful and mutually beneficial in business, in government, in education.

When you support this work you MULTIPLY our ability to bring God into the marketplace, and connect people just like you to the fact that God cares about their work too! You and they are establishing  GOD’S excellence, which is that surpassing effort that empowers innovation, progress and prosperity.

If God’s Church does not achieve the above, the values and principles that “protect” the free marketplace will eventually just disappear.

Here’s how we reach the marketplace-

  1. “God’s Work in Progress” radio show- Red-Radio-960x350
  2. Life’s Core Purpose Workshops LCP 2015
  3.  “How to do Great Work with Great Faith” –  Publish Jeff’s Book
  4. Support Jeff and Barbara in their calling and ministry Jeff 3

You can help with as little as $20 or as much as $1000.  But please know that whatever you give is very much appreciated. CLICK to give.

May the Father, Son and Holy Spirit bless you now!!

Jeff Pelletier, Host of “God’s Work in Progress”


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