Radio Shows from December 2013

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“God’s Work in Progress”(tm) 12/29/2013 Dave Murphy CEO Red Wing Shoes

A Transformation Story In this episode of God’s Work in Progress ™, we speak again with Dave Murphy, CEO of Red Wing Shoes.  Dave was on a previous installment of the show sharing how his faith informs his day-to-day life at work.  After hearing the story of the process he went through to transform Red […]

“God’s Work in Progress” ™ Sarah Cole and Dave Workman 12/22/2013

Sarah Cole- Sr. Director, Business Development   My favorite holiday tradition is watching The Christmas Story with my family. It is the best holiday movie ever: the stocking leg lamp, Ralphie in the bunny suit from his aunt, and of course the Red Ryder BB gun and everyone saying, “You’ll shoot your eye out!” I […]

God’s Work in Progress — Mark Cress and Danita Bye

I recommend this show to you and your friends. The Corporate Chaplain idea is an amazing service to recommend to Christian business owners you know. And we begin a series we will revisit about how to do GREAT work in sales, and manage a sales force for maximum impact.   Mark Cress is the founder […]