Radio Shows from April 2014

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Marketing- God’s Way

Jorgy Jorgensen Marketing & Brand Development and Advisory Board Member E-mail Jorgy Jorgensen Jorgy helps forward thinking companies generate more revenue through more efficient marketing and new revenue streams. A serial entrepreneur from the age of seven, Jorgy has enjoyed a life full of joy and contentment. “There is something about living your gift every […]

Excellent Government- an Oxymoron?

Hello Friend, In this episode we spend time talking about what government is for and how excellence in government by Christians,  very much needed. My opening message gives you insight into what the Bible says about government and how that view should inform you or anyone you know who works in government. In our first […]

Business Owners and Accountability- a perfect match

There are many forms of accountability.  The best forms are those which edify, which are constructive.  C12 GROUPS provide this type of accountability. In the opening message for this episode, I talk about the importance of profit and also the importance of HOW we earn it, and about the importance of work and business in […]