Radio Shows from October 2014

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Is There a Third Way?

On God’s Work in Progress- One of the show’s key Bible Verses is Hebrews 10:24 where it says: “Consider one another, provoking unto love and good works. “  The idea there is that it is considerate to be provocative towards those two KEY aspects of Kingdom Life. Love and Good Works. In my opening message […]

Excellence Through Great Work

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Excellence Through Great Work Thomas Dodds-President of SlashBlue “Thomas Dodds is President at SlashBlue.   For more than 20 years he has maniacally focused on unlocking the power of technology, while mitigating and eliminating the negative disruptor it can be. Today, he does this with a dynamic group of people who are all excited about […]

The Gospel and Economic Growth

Opening Message In my opening message this week I talk about how God is not only redeeming and saving US, but also redeeming the corrupt system  that God calls (John 3:16), the “WORLD”.  The redemption of the system is the Church’s  responsibility (that’s us) after we’re saved. Guess what? Most of that effort occurs AT WORK! […]