Do You Belong to a Work-Faith Peer Group?

In my opening message I talk about how valuable peer groups are in helping you do great work  with great faith, which is the main way the Church influences culture. Peer groups are especially important to both work and faith formation when they’re done well. It is important for them to have an overall focus. A Core Purpose of a group is a great way to achieve this focus. A Core Purpose is different from a mission or a vision.  A Core Purpose is the groups primary on-going outcome the members want to achieve as a result of their meeting.  A Core Purpose around faith and work should include both faith and work and be expressed in less than three words, and no more than five words, and should never include the word BY.  For example- Living God’s Word Daily. Become Disciples.  Multiply God’s Kingdom Daily

For instance at God’s Work in Progress, our core purpose is “great work with great faith.”  That drives everything we do and want to help you achieve that every day.

As I said on the TIP segment this week on the show, I have also developed a single page set of “Guidelines” to help you in  managing a group.  The guidelines will work in any small group setting.  Email me here to get a free copy-

Our Guest this Week

Mike Sharrow Mike Sharrow is our Guest for this show.

In our first segment, Mike and I discuss his own faith walk.  Great faith is something Mike has developed through experience and devotion to God.

In our second segment we do a deep dive into how  the C12 Group process, helps business owners to do “great work with great faith”.

Mike has a background in healthcare strategy, local church ministry, leadership development, international missions, product development, marriage ministry and collaborative-value based networking.  He is  living out his calling to make disciples of Jesus.  Whether through the language of business, marriage, healthcare or theology, he seeks to love truth, share truth and walk in truth in such a way that supernatural inflection points are catalyzed in the lives of those he is  in relationship with.

He is Master Chair for the  national business peer group C12. Group. His team of 6 full-time chairmen serve leaders through 12 CEO/Owner/Key Player round tables in places like Fredericksburg, Austin, Boerne, New Braunfels and San Antonio, Texas, is comprised of incredibly diverse company types. They are focused to see the collective impact God will have on this region through businesses stewarded by leaders leading well to the glory of God!. He is also the Executive Vice President for Health by Design and involved in a variety of non-profit initiatives.

Natively from Alaska, He is  seeking to live life to the full in San Antonio Texas  with his bride, Jacqui, and their two daughters. Mike has  a passion for uncompromised truth, a disdain for false dichotomies.

 Mike Also has a radio show about C12 Group

Listen HERE