Meaningful Capitalism.

Some people have a distorted view of wealth. They have come to see wealth, especially profit in business, as evil.  In my opening message I read  an excerpt from Deuteronomy chapter 8 to you about what God says about wealth and it’s production.  Any one in business, particularly Jesus’ Followers who have succeeded financially, can really benefit by the principle God espouses in Deuteronomy chapter 8.

But let’s set this straight:  Capitalism, which is the production of wealth, is Good–  But what WE DO WITH that wealth and how we attain it, is God’s primary concern.  Because wealth is stored power,  what we do with that power  or any power matters a great deal to God

Dean Bachelor, Chairman of the Platinum Group Dean Bachelor is our Guest for this show.  I thoroughly enjoyed Dean’s thoughtful view of business, as a Christian, and especially the concern he has for his clients.  He defines a very important difference between sympathy and empathy.  If you want to understand capitalism God’s way this is the show to listen to,

Platinum Group’s mission — ‘Meaningful Capitalism™’ — provides the impetus for us to seek ways to bring meaning and value to every relationship, every client and every situation. Dean has been named CEO of more than two dozen companies in a turnaround. He has a knack for discovering, unlocking and focusing on the true, inherent value of every organization, then finding unique and creative ways to restore and manage shareholder value. Dean often radically changes the fortunes of those who are experiencing extraordinarily difficult times. He received the Turnaround Management Association’s Turnaround of the Year (2004) and Transaction of the Year (2009) Awards. As founder and Chairman, Dean works with each of the firm’s Managing Partners to restore shareholder value in a turnaround, enhance value during a consulting engagement, or realize value through Platinum Group’s equity funds.  He is involved in several faith-based organizations, enjoys boating, bicycling, tennis, riding his motorcycle on country roads, snorkeling and diving on the reefs near his home in the Bahamas and spending time with his family, including his wife of more than 40 years, four grown children and nine grandchildren.                                                                                                      
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