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 “Mission Drift”

The topic for this show is Mission and Purpose. In my ten years of organizational consulting I have determined that there is nothing more powerful to personal, team or organizational effectiveness than clarity in purpose or mission.  And statistically there are not examples of any great organization with an ever changing or ambiguous purpose.

There is tremendous power is being unified around a clear meaningful common purpose. And much to lose by drifting from it.

Our Guest for this show is Peter Greer President of  Hope International.


Peter Greer, President & CEO

Peter joined HOPE in 2004, following extensive education and experience in the field of micro-finance. He received a B.S. in international business from Messiah College, an MPP from Harvard’s Kennedy School, and an honorary doctorate from Erskine College.

As an advocate for the Church’s role in missions and alleviating extreme poverty, Peter has been a speaker at conferences such as Catalyst, Passion, Harvest International’s Development Conference, and Jubilee, and he has been featured by Christianity Today, World, Forbes, CNN, and RELEVANT. Peter currently serves as the entrepreneur-in-residence at Messiah College and as a Praxis venture partner.

His book, “Mission Drift”- The Unspoken Crisis Facing Leaders, Charities and Churches is the subject of our Conversation in the second segment of God’s Work in Progress

Mission Drift


Here are the Mission/Purpose Statements I referred to on the show

Save Money Live Better- Wal-Mart

Make People Happy- Disney Corporation

Deliver Happiness-  Zappos Shoes

My Consulting Clients

Turn Emotions into Memories- Crystal D

Do What’s Right-  Cretex Concrete

And finally our Purpose-  Do Great Work with Great Faith–  I challenge you to listen to any show or read our blog and newsletters and see if we aren’t true to this purpose.  It is our focus our main outcome our hearts desire.

On October 13, 2014 we featured Hanna Ruth of Hope International.  You can hear that show HERE