Don’t Settle—–Trade UP!


You will love this episode of God’s Work in Progress.

In my opening message I speak about worship and how worship is intended to be a full time activity. You might be saying “Jeff” are you nuts?”  “If I do nothing but worship all day, I won’t get any work done!”

Hold your horses! as my Mom used to say when I was in hurry.

The Hebrew word for work is AVODAH, which is the word translated both WORK, and WORSHIP.   I tell you this because if you live Colossians 3:22-24 you are asked to do what your hands find to do (your work)  with all your heart as unto the LORD.  …as it is the LORD Christ you serve.

So if we do whatever we do, for work, what ever that work is…UNTO the LORD, we worship. So we CAN worship full time. Just as we  “walk with the Spirit”  (Gal 5).  Keeping in step, letting HIM lead.

In Today’s Two Interview Segments….

We meet Doug Sherman-  Doug is a Faith-Work pioneer.  His book ” Your Work Matters to God” is a standard for the movement and one of the most read books on the subject.  Doug’s latest venture is TRADING UP!  To learn more watch this video.


Doug Sherman’s unique message and passion is to help people learn to walk with God by enjoying an ever-expanding view of Him, and experiencing God in fresh ways throughout the week.

Doug is a popular speaker and a published author of several books, his most popular being “Your Work Matters to God”. He has spent his career engaging God both in the marketplace and ministry, which gives him the unique experience to understand both worlds.

Over the years Doug has deployed his leadership and visionary gifts as Founder and President of Career Impact Ministries, Founder and CEO of DSG Consulting, Co-Founder and CEO of Aspen Heights Student Housing LLC and currently CEO of Innovative Real Estate Companies LLC.

He is the Founder of Ignite Your Walk Ministries, which is now Trading Trading Up is a 501(c)3 ministry committed to help Christ-followers take small steps throughout the week that result in BIG life change in the trajectory of their view of God and their entire life.

Doug graduated from the Air Force Academy, served in the Air Force as a fighter pilot trainer, and then earned a Master of Theology degree from Dallas Seminary.