Don’t Let This Happen!


Have you felt it?  Can you see it?  Do you know what’s happening?  The ground is beginning to shake, ever so slightly, the Earth is at the beginning of birth pangs of a movement of God.  Christians all across the country are beginning to sense that God, is on the move.  And he’s headed towards your workplace….to your school, to your government.  He is pushing back against being push aside.  God is not one to be pushed around…. We can choose to ignore Him but we have NO authority over Him. You see that is what is going on.

There are people who think God is irrelevant to daily life and they’re getting tired of the Christianity stuff.  They want us to wake up and smell the coffee.  They want us to get this idea that religion and especially faith, faith in Jesus in particular are for the simple-minded.  Here is a quote.

A Massachusetts Senator who some say has desires to be President recently said this” “I cannot believe that we live in a world where we would even consider letting some big corporation deny the women who work for it access to the basic medical treatments or prescriptions that they need based on vague moral objections.”  

This is of course a response to a supreme court decision about healthcare and company owners and their religious freedom.

The part of the quote I want you to focus on is the last part.  “based on some vague moral objections.”  Vague moral objections.  This is a powerful indicator of what I’m talking about.  Do you hear the dismissiveness in the words.  NOTHING vague gets as far as the Supreme Court. They are waaay to busy for undefined issues. They only deal with substance. And for a case to get there it has gone through other courts as well. When a case is VAGUE or cloudy or unclear—it is thrown OUT.  I want you see that the threat to Christianity and all religion is real.  This statement spoken by a person in power, has a purpose. That purpose is to downplay and diminish faith, period.

DON’T LET THAT HAPPEN!  JOIN WITH US AS WE BRING FAITH FORWARD INTO THE MARKETPLACE.  If Jesus is the answer then the Kingdom and it’s principles, and virtues are exactly what we need.

Here’s an Answer

Kevin Mitchell, President of Opin Systems, Inc., introduced me to something he learned from Ed Silvoso.  I had heard about it but not directly experienced it.  Prayer Evangelism. When I saw it action I was impressed by what occurred. I was at lunch with Kevin, and he took me to place he frequents.  After the server took our order Kevin said, “Carlos (not his name), we’re going to be praying a prayer of thanks for the food in minute. Is there anything we can pray for you?”   Carlos hesitated and said, “yes, I’m having trouble with my teenaged son. He doesn’t want to listen to me anymore and we are growing apart.”   As Carlos went to place our order Kevin, began to pray……

I interviewed Kevin about prayer evangelism and you can listen to it here.

It is an intentional process with three steps found in Luke’s Gospel in Chapter of 10 when Jesus sends out the disciples and it is the model for prayer evangelism-

  1. Speak peace and blessing to the house or situation that you walk into. Try this as you meet a neighbor, walk into work, a client’s work, and the stores or restaurants you frequent.
  2. Meet, Eat and Drink with those with whom you come in contact- in other words establish relationship with these people, become curious in good way about their day and their lives, over time.
  3. Pray– as their needs become known to you ask to pray for the people you come in contact with— Let them know that God is with them and that you’ll be praying for their situation. Then pray a prayer for it “as you go”. Pray that prayer as you enter that place again.

Remember because YOU are there…the Kingdom is there.

  1. Follow up – after you’ve prayed, ask the person you’ve prayed for about the situation.  As God moves, notice the open door for the Gospel.  My favorite question: “would you like to meet the one who helped you?”


Let me pray for you—Lord Jesus as you sent your disciples, you also send us. As we go into the world, you go with us even to the end of the age.  Help each one to hear your guidance, Holy Spirit, to be encouraged to ask and pray for those we come in contact with.  Lord help us to transform and reach this present world with your power and love….in Jesus Name I pray. Amen-