Therefore …..GO

In my opening message I talk about the role of the institutional CHURCH in preparing us for the work Jesus has called us to do at the end of Matthew’s Gospel. and how that “going”  INCLUDES what we do at work!

Our first Guest is Pastor Jimmy Siebert

Pastor Siebert is the founder and Lead Pastor at Antioch Community Church in Waco Texas. Before he planted the church, he selected and trained 100 people in his Discipleship Mission School, for one year,  (9 months in his school and 3 months in foreign mission) and then asked them to moved into the city of Waco Texas. These people then recruited college students and mentored them.  There is a great story about one of their church members becoming a school principal in Waco.  Another story about a UPS Store (He calls it a packaging store but revealed off air.)

Jimmy has created a Church Association. 

In our second segment we feature Darren Shearer.  Darren Shearer

In Marketing like Jesus, you’ll discover 25 marketing strategies that Jesus used to change the world. You’ll also learn how other people and organizations have successfully applied the Marketing like Jesus strategies in business, government, education, entertainment, and nonprofits.

Do you have a message that the world needs to hear? Learn how to market your message, according to Darren,  like the greatest marketer in history : Jesus Christ.