Great Work!


It’s not that we don’t have conflict, we just avoid disagreeing or having conversations when someone offends us.

In my opening message I talk about how we handle it when we avoid difficult conversations. It is costly.

In our closing tip, I take you through step one of the “navigation” process.

In both segments of the show we speak with our friend Dr. Tim Meuhlhoff.

Dr Tim returns this week to talk about his book I Beg to Differ

In this installment of God’s Work in Progress we visit with him about his book I Beg To Differ. This book extends the practices Tim shared on his first appearance and moves us to those situations where we disagree.

Disageeeing well, is very important if we truly want to work together. IN FACT, if can learn to navigate difficult conversations in truth and love, we have a chance to really really great work.

After our interview, we continued to talk with him and he continued to give us great info. Listen here

Here is a secret

It is within our differences where we find the greatest solutions, the most effective innovations, the best new ideas.

Learning to disagree well, is the most important thing we can learn.

We first had Tim on to talk about his book Authentic Communication- Listen to that show here

portrait of Timothy Muehlhoff

Timothy Muehlhoff

  • Professor of Communication Studies
  • Ph.D., University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
  • M.A., University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
  • B.A., Eastern Michigan University

CV Document (PDF)

While teaching at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Dr. Muehlhoff received his department’s highest award for teaching and has been recognized by the International Communication Association for outstanding teaching. In his M.A. thesis Dr. Muehlhoff developed a method of encouraging civil dialogue and perspective-taking between groups who perceive themselves as morally opposed with no room for, or interest in, connection. Extending his thesis research, his dissertation focused on a performative approach to enriching marital communication. His research interests also include social justice, gender, family communication, interpersonal communication, and persuasion. Outside the classroom Dr. Muehlhoff and wife Noreen are frequent speakers at marriage conferences and seminars. His current project involves understanding the narratives of oppressed women in rural parts of New Delhi, India.

Awards and Honors

  • President’s Award of Excellence in Biblical Integration, Biola University, 2010.
  • President’s Award of Excellence in Teaching, Biola University, 2007.
  • Selected Biola Professor of the Year by Senior Class of 2006.
  • Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers (2006) Selected for inclusion in tenth edition.
  • Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers (2005) Selected for inclusion in ninth edition.
  • International Communication Association’s Award for Distinguished Teaching by a Graduate Student, 2001.
  • Martha Nell Hardy Award for Excellence in Teaching, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Department of Communication Studies, 2000.
  • Sherrill-Pence Award, given to recognize applied communication in the service of the community, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Department of Communication Studies, 2002.