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More Joyful Life.

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This training tool will guide you to discover two things about yourself that, when used together, can make your work and life both highly effective and joyful – YOUR Life’s Core Purpose™.

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I so long for you and all Believer’s of Christ to recognize that YOU are God’s workmanship- his crafted thing- made for a purpose, to GO into the broken fallen world and do the work that He has prepared in advance for you to do.

Your light shines from your great work, from your example, from what you produce with the “work of your hands”- “with all your heart”.  These two are the essential elements of what we call your Life’s Core Purpose™ and we want everyone to know this about themselves.

The work that God has for you to do is based on a particular way he has formed your brain giving you a primary core cognitive skill we call your Core Competence.  God has also placed a desire in your heart, that fills your heart. It is an inner concern you have for the external world.  We call this concern your Core Passion.

When you experience Life’s Core Purpose™ online or in person, you lay the foundation for the full and satisfying life Jesus wants you to have. Your Life’s Core Purpose happens when you apply your Core Competence, (what you’re really great at), towards your Core Passion (what you want to see happen in the world). Your LCP is the TWO WORDS that empower you to lead an effective, joyful career and life. And we can help you find it.

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