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Two weeks ago as part of the relaunch of How to Hire Superior Sales DNA, I shared three big mistakes people make when looking for superior sales DNA. Today, I would like to share three tips to use early in the process.

Quick note: if you missed the three mistakes email, let me know and I’ll resend it to you.

Tip 1: Use job board screening tools
Most job boards have built-in screening tools that weed out candidates that don’t meet the basic requirements like years of experience. Easy to use and very effective.

Tip 2: Look at probability of sales success 
Candidate assessment tools determine the likelihood that the candidate will be successful in your sales environment. This is a great way to avoid that situation where the candidate looks great on paper, but fails once they’re in territory.

Tip 3: Crack the resume code 
The key to cracking the resume code is understanding they can be largely aspirational. Resumes are what the candidate wants their DNA to be, not necessarily what it is. Screening resumes is all about looking for red flags and disqualifiers.

Once you’ve got to this point, you’re ready to start talking to candidates. For more info on the best way to do that, start on page 60. Click here to order the book now!

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