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A Personal Testimony About Life’s Core Purpose

by Jeff

A Life’s Purpose Testimony by: Mitch Bossart  I have known Jeff for a couple of years now, first meeting as the result of a networking contact. Initially, we agreed that a “mind share” made our meetings a mutually beneficial consulting gig: Jeff consulted with me regarding faith and work, and I consulted with Jeff regarding […]

Why “God’s Work in Progress”??  Click to Find out

by Jeff

    A Letter From Jeff Pelletier Another Reason to Support “The Life’s Core Purpose Workshop” Dear Friends, I saw this today and it just confirmed to me why God’s Work in Progress and our Life’s Core Purpose Project is so important, and needed,by everyone..  Last Wednesday I conducted a public Life’s Core Purpose ™ […]

Business and Government An Unholy Alliance?

by Jeff

Government and Business An Unholy “Alliance”? I’m protecting the person and business identity deliberately at the owners request.  She is very concerned about potential consequences from local government or the press if she were ever identified.    This story is about a small business relocation. Mary is a devout Christian who walks-out her faith in her […]

Emerging Leaders: Support your Goals, Dreams & Purpose- By Danita Bye

by Jeff

Emerging Leaders: Support your Goals, Dreams & Purpose a Guest Post by Danita Bye   My first “real” job was sales at Xerox Corporation. The rejection I got when cold calling was a radical shift from breeding fruit flies in the lab as a pre-med major at University. In fact, if I cried three times a […]