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Why “God’s Work in Progress”??  Click to Find out

by Jeff

    A Letter From Jeff Pelletier Another Reason to Support “The Life’s Core Purpose Workshop” Dear Friends, I saw this today and it just confirmed to me why God’s Work in Progress and our Life’s Core Purpose Project is so important, and needed,by everyone..  Last Wednesday I conducted a public Life’s Core Purpose ™ […]

Another Reason Why Believers in Christ, Need to be Engaged and IMPACTING Culture.

by Jeff

WHY BELIEVERS NEED TO BE ENGAGED . Here at God’s Work in Progress(tm) we care about three primary areas of life: Business, Government and Education. We care because these three social institutions have more direct influence over our society and culture than any others. We seek to provoke,encourage and equip Jesus’ followers in these three […]

Excellence in Government- What it might look like

by Jeff

 Excellence in Government Suppose, just suppose, you want to remodel your kitchen. You meet with a contractor, and together develop a plan and cost out the process to do the remodel. You have created a project! If you have a great contractor, he has done just that. He has entered your job into a software […]