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A Personal Testimony About Life’s Core Purpose

by Jeff

A Life’s Purpose Testimony by: Mitch Bossart  I have known Jeff for a couple of years now, first meeting as the result of a networking contact. Initially, we agreed that a “mind share” made our meetings a mutually beneficial consulting gig: Jeff consulted with me regarding faith and work, and I consulted with Jeff regarding […]

An Opportunity to Advance God’s Work in Progress

by Jeff

HERE’S WHAT YOU ARE FUNDING Purpose- To equip people to do “great work with great faith”. Mission- To connect Christians to the Faith-Work movement and to connect the ministries in the movement to one another.  ( the result= IMPACT) Vision-     Empower a marketplace where God’s Kingdom principles produce work     that is productive, joyful, and mutually […]

What You’re Funding

by Jeff

When You Give  What we are about: Purpose-  To equip people to do “great work with great faith”.  Mission-  To help our listeners find the  joyful “full and satisfying life” Jesus came to give…at work.  Work is meant to be rewarding…God cursed the ground NOT work.  Vision-     Enable a marketplace where God’s Kingdom principles make […]

Friend, Thanks for Listening!!

by Jeff

Hello Friends,  Thanks for listening.!!  Thank you for listening to God’s Work in Progress. We can’t make it without people like you. As a 501c3 non-profit, we’re focused on our core purpose, not making money.  But our growth and sustenance come from the willing donations of those who agree that the MARKETPLACE  is  served best  by […]