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And It’s FREE

You will love this app for Iphone or Android-  Go to the App Store or Google Play store to download. (Type God’s Work in Progress)

After you download:

  • Register your APP
  • Accept “push notifications” for “great work” daily message directly from Jeff Pelletier.
  • Anonymously complete a short Spiritual Assessment.
  • The app will send you “Bible Verse Messages” based on your assessment answers.
  • Your response to the verses helps the app to learn what you need to do “great work with great faith”-  (at the bottom of each message you will see this- “do you want more like this? Or less like this?” Touch the appropriate link each time and the App will learn from you!
  • App users will get personal delivery of  radio program episodes DIRECTLY to the app! (Plus other surprise videos, pics and audio chosen by Jeff to help you do “great work with great faith”.
  • You use “Settings” to schedule your customized message times and how often you receive them.Click “more like this” or “less like this”, every time to get a message and the app will “adapt” to YOU.
  • Also in settings – click on “prayer” and set up a reminder to stay focused on God. The app will surprise you with creative ways to remind you. 

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