One of the most defining characteristics of Christianity is forgiveness. The Christians in Charlotte who stood before the killer of their loved ones, and forgave him, were doing so because they themselves are forgiven because of what Jesus has done for them. And these people also know that they are not God, and that continuously convicting those who have offended them, actually prevents the REAL God, who is the only Just Judge, from delivering real justice which is found in mercy and repentance and redemption. Mr. Roof will stand before God, as we all will and he will give an account, and he will experience God’s overwhelming love. Most of us in acounting for our unconfessed sin/offenses in this way, will fall down and wail in sorrow for what we have done. And God who is rich in mercy will lift us up when we express that true conviction. There will be a small handful of those who like the Nazi’s that gassed many Jews, will be totally unrepentant even before God. These people will suffer an existence that no one should experience.