Chris Gardner- Pastor/IT Director

I see your value as being a public voice that can result in transforming hearts in your audience members.

I see your contribution as being an investigative/interviewing/publishing proponent of devoting our work lives to God’s kingdom. You contribute by giving honor and glory to God while respecting the notion that the workforce is a practical part of our faith walk.

In summary, the work that you do (your contribution) can bring about transformation (your value) when your readers and listeners are engaged, informed, and inspired.


Dave Murphy/ President Red Wing Shoes

When I joined Red Wing Shoe Company 13 years ago, I felt at that time that God had called me to be there. Since then, it has become clear to me that my role as CEO of the company is indeed my personal ministry called to by God. That’s why my chance to share my story on God’s Work In Progress meant a great deal to me. Jeff helped me express my thoughts in a way that honored God. And I hope it resonated with the program listeners. GWIP is doing important work in connecting God’s kingdom and the workplace.


Kevon Saber/ Entrepreneur

You bring inspiration to people wanting to worship through their work, even if they can’t articulate it that way.  Much like how the Dave Ramsey Show provides inspiration to people on financial matters and beyond.


Bob Freyling- Pubisher Inter Varsity Press -I am very grateful for your interview on “God’s Work in Progress.” You were a wonderfully engaged conversation partner on significant issues of Christian leadership in the marketplace. May your numbers increase! Bob Fryling, author of The Leadership Ellipse: Shaping How We Lead by Who We Are (IVP).


Don BlueSenior Financial Analyst “It was indeed a blessing to participate as a guest for your show! Having the opportunity to share my story of how “God is at work at work” was a reminder of both God’s incredible faithfulness and a source of encouragement of how much more he wants to do. Your professional approach, thoughtful questions and easy logistics made it very fun and enjoyable experience. Thanks again for the opportunity!”


Dennis Blandino Career transformed by GWIP processes– My testimonial of how God’s Work in Progress has helped me. If you asked me, ‘What I would you be doing without GWIP?’ The easy answer is I don’t know. But that can also be the answer from one who doesn’t want to contemplate the alternative. For me, the fall back, safer thing would have been to take my trade (welding), over the road, to the oil-sand extraction work in North Dakota, or wherever else I might land contractor work. But being away from my family 5+ days a week, driving several hours home for an overnight visit wasn’t sustainable.

By the time I came across GWIP/Jeff, I had already started working on my rough plan. I was going back to school. I already had a BA, but was going after another trade school degree AAS (2 yr.). This didn’t seem to make sense to Jeff at first. But Jeff is the rare kind of person, that looks at people where they are, and works with them to help move them in the direction that they should go. God used Jeff to help hone this career change plan by challenging me in both what my personal purpose is, and how this ‘fit’ with this new work. The GWIP material is congruent with the Bible, so the purpose, meaning and enjoyment of work made sense. This helped my confidence in making such a big change at 48 years old.

Along the way Jeff’s professional coaching was invaluable to me. I was struggling over getting interviews, but not offers. Jeff encouraged me one day with, “Are you kidding? These days very few people are even getting interviews! It’s just a matter of time.” Then Jeff gave me some interview talking tips, ‘tools’, as he called it putting it in my vernacular, to help me answer the interviewer’s question succinctly.

Before long, I landed my first new job, in work I love, because I have purpose and gratification as a Biomedical Equipment Technician.   Thank you


Dennis Blandino, CBET

Clinical Engineering Technician

Western Connecticut Health Network


Jill Hogan- I love that GWIP keeps the conversation going on how we can be great examples in the workplace and what that looks like in many different ways and workplaces.  Thanks Jeff for your great work and passion for this!


Ralph Hale

Dear Jeff – After consulting off and on for a year with Valley Natural Foods, I have been hired by them to direct business and operations development, and help lead the expansion of the business. I am very fortunate to be with a group of people who share my beliefs and values regarding how business is conducted, and for whom servant leadership is a core value.

You told me about patience, and working towards joining a specific company, whose mission reflects solid values. But, I continued to try to find work with whoever might take me, partially heeding what I’d learned from you, and sometimes squinting my eyes to make fuzzy what I knew was not quite right about the company and culture. D’Nile ain’t just a river in Egypt.  That did not work, obviously.


What worked was being at a church-sponsored career group, being mentally prepared, willing to serve, and truly wanting to be a part of something that wasn’t just about generating money in a shark tank.   I’ve been given a great opportunity.  One with real potential for significant and substantive leadership in the coming few years.  I consider myself quite lucky and very blessed.

Thank you again for your help and support over these past years.

Ralph Hale