Here at God’s Work in Progress(tm) we care about three primary areas of life: Business, Government and Education. We care because these three social institutions have more direct influence over our society and culture than any others.

We seek to provoke,encourage and equip Jesus’ followers in these three institutions to do GREAT WORK WITH GREAT FAITH.  When Christians do “great work with great faith” they put themselves into positions of authority with or without a titlePeople listen to wise people who do great work.  They respect them, they admire and they follow them.

A story came out today which should provoke ever single Believer who works in Government and  Education, into action.

Our lives are based on basic freedom that we are given by God  as a result of being made in His image and likeness. The Founders of this country, have codified a list of basic human rights, based on upon this base freedom that we are all born with.  Here is a story that demonstrates clearly how when these  eternal basic foundational freedom of our existence are ignored or replaced by a “constructed” view….the culture is attacked and we begin to disintegrate

Friends, we are NOT about complaining and whining. We are about acting.  Please generate discussions around this article with your Believing friends (and elected officials) in Government and Education. Challenge them appropriately, in love, to correct policies that lead to this kind of action. All wisdom is from above.

Eph 3:10 says- “That through the Church, the manifold wisdom of God will be revealed to the “powers and principalities of this world.”  It is up to US.

Jesus is the reconciliation of God for the world, WE have the “ministry of reconciliation” as a result.  The Truth will set everyone free.

GO HERE  To learn an example of why we focus on Education as a “marketplace” entity.

Thanks for advancing God’ Work in Progress